About Fi

I admit, I'm 'a bit of a magpie'. My ethos is re-using and re-purposing cast-offs that other people might dismiss/overlook. To most people, a bit of yellow pipe is a bit of yellow pipe, a trampoline is a trampoline. To me, the yellow pipe can be a drawn line in an installation or the stamen of a curious abstract flower. The trampoline provides an instant frame for an immersive visual experience.

Learn a bit more about me, my inspirations and my current projects here...

Inspiration and ethos

I draw my inspiration from a broad range of subjects and themes.

It may not be apparent from the non-recyclable materials I use that the natural world, ecology and sustainability underpin my ethos, but considering the elements, wind and solar power, temporary/portable shelter, permaculture and self-sufficiency in food and 'craft' are all 'with me' as I am creating an installation.  I relish finding discarded/unwanted items I can use whole or as components and sourcing second-hand items that may have been destined for landfill. Everything I make is formed by a series of decisions which are influenced by all these ideas. This creates the perfect opportunity to give an elevated purpose to many non-biodegradable /non-recyclable materials and to 'freeze them in time' in my images.

crave the visual impact of saturated colours in my work.  Projection of bright images is also a way to achieve a colour 'hit' without impacting the environment. One day soon there will be no sources of new plastics and non-biodegradable materials for me to use in my work but while it's here, let's treat plastic as a valuable resource and keep it from contaminating our oceans and enjoy it in art form!

Work in progress

I recently completed an MA in Fine Art. This gave me the opportunity to explore and challenge my own creativity in relation to the world around me.  At the moment I am interested in finding practical ways for companies and industry to divert unwanted materials from landfill for re-use by artists and sculptors.

During my MA I created a 'pop-up sculptural space' from a recycled trampoline frame which I invited my audience to experience whilst they enjoyed the sumptuous changing colours and reflections of several donated Dichroic Vinyl panels.  As people moved through the space and saw themselves reflected multi-dimensionally and distorted, it gave them the opportunity to reflect on inner and outer self. I dedicated the installation to the memory of my Dad who died while I was on the MA... I called it a 'pop-up centre for self-reflection'.