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Are you a property agent with slow-moving spaces?  Are you a business looking to create a post-covid buzz to re-energise the workplace for your staff, partners or clients? 

I enjoy the challenge of 'inhabiting' a new venue and building an installation over several days.

I'm looking for industrial spaces and quirky venues for pop-up installations. Over a short timeframe, I build a temporary art installation which could help gain publicity for your venue. I experiment with lights, projection and capturing images. Then I leave without a trace.


High visual impact to inspire creativity and innovation

Low environmental impact

Zero impact on your property structure



Abstract, high in colour and visual impact

Ideal for websites, promotional materials, screen savers, wallpapers and many more uses (let's talk about it)

 Well-suited to companies who want to break away from the 'corporate norm' with images that create a sense of colour, movement and expansive space

Available for a subscription; the digital equivalent of rental art for offices/public spaces


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